Who’s More likely To Succeed In Life: Educated Or Illiterates?

Who’s More likely To Succeed In Life: Educated Or Illiterates?

What really is success?
Most people define or measure success by the extent of the wealth and material things an individual is able to acquire.
Going by this yardstick for success, would you say education is a necessity to attain such or is it a wrong notion on the part of those who hold that view?

The crave for education in the 21st century is unprecedented. Back in the days, people only sought education to the point of being able to read and write, but it seems that the focus now is on obtaining as many degrees and qualifications as possible.
A major factor responsible for this could be the fact that people now feel that the more qualifications you have, the higher your chances of making it big in life.
Could this be true?
If yes, is that to say that the less educated or illiterates have lower chances of being successful?
Keep in mind Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg did not finish college but are counted amongst the most successful personalities ever. Surprisingly William Shakespeare who is said to have invented about 1,700 words has no record of having attained formal education beyond 13 years of age, and one’s education cannot be said to be complete without having heard of Shakespeare.
So what really makes one a success?
Is it educational qualifications or something else?

A Double Breasted Suit Versus A Three-Piece Suit.

A Double Breasted Suit Versus A Three-Piece Suit.

I love this song that goes like “I’m a classic man…”

My friends know that Raphael is a double-breasted Suit guy.

Emmanuel always looks good in a three-piece suit with a striped double-breasted waistcoat. This guy loves to look good.

I love to see Caleb on his three-piece suit with that ash stripped waist coast or the navy blue. The good looking lawyers that I know.

We went to this wedding, and my friend Mark wore a white suit with a white waistcoat. He looked amazing like he was walking on stars all day.

Above all, I droll whenever I watch the Kingsman Secret Service, and I see all those beautiful double-breasted suits with such amazing colors. Those English men looked handsome I must say.

I am Stuck between what I wear and what I truly love to see. Maybe you all can help me.

If it is any consolation to me, I realized that the choice of which fits better (a double-breasted suit and a three-piece suit), has been an ongoing debate for many years. Many men who love to look good, men who want to select the best outfit for a dinner, or men who want to select the best outfit for their wedding, often are confused on which to choose.

If you do not know what a double breast suit or a three-piece suit is, well let’s make it simple for you to understand.A double-breasted suit as the name implies involves simply wearing an English suit, which covers both sides of the chest, well decorated with numerous buttons(traditionally six buttons). On the other hand, a three-piece suit is a combination of a jacket, and a waistcoat most times of the same material.

Now that we know what these suits are called, if you do not know already like this petite lady by my side, let us sample your opinion. Which do you think looks more classy on a man?

I love a double-breasted suit just because I feel it is classy. But I know you may have reasons for your own choice. Please drop your comments in the comment section. If you are a lady, which one do you love the most? Which would you love to see him walk down the aisle with you on?

Contraceptive Pills For Men? Yes or No

Contraceptive Pills For Men? Yes or No

With the evolution of time, science has achieved modification of birth control/contraception. In this light, a more recent study presented with the possibility of contraceptive pills for men.

The contraceptive pills for women, developed more than half a century ago, has been the norm for preventing unplanned pregnancies, other than condoms, implants, injectables, amongst others. So, it is indeed a welcome development. Or, is it?
The results from the survey “seemed to be safe”. And of course, resistance to the pill has been put up by men. Not because it is not some form of breakthrough, but that it is “uncomfortable” – that is, the thought of coming down with complications post-drug use.

Bearing in mind that these pills have good potential for contraception, the perceived benefits could alter sexual dynamics between partners.
The development of the pill for men could decrease the contraception burden on females. This way, no one has to be blamed for not following through with their pills.
More informed choices and options for contraception could be made.
Also, there would be a reduction in the rate of failure of contraceptives.
Overall, providing pills for men would provide a balanced view of birth control since both parties can actively be involved in contraception.
The acceptance of contraceptive pills for men is not devoid of challenges. Having to shift the norm (from the pills for women) would involve frequent orientation programs to educate the public on how the pills work.

To allay the fears that side effects of the pill for men pose, further studies are being carried out to ensure safety and effectiveness, before their release into the market.

This leaves us with questions like, are contraceptive pills for men really welcome?
What do you think?
Should contraception be a lady’s burden?
Will you adopt this method of birth control? If no, why?

Single Sex School Vs Mixed School

Single Sex School Vs Mixed School

Boys high/Girls high school, girls college/Boys college.

Such terms are not unpopular in many parts of the world. As the above terms imply, such schools only admit teenagers or young adults of a particular sex(all males or all females).
But why such an arrangement?

Single-sex school

For one thing, people say that young ones are at a stage where they are still coming to terms with themselves. They suggest that the decisions of young ones are best made within the confines of those of the same sex who can relate with their sensibilities and experiences.
Another reason could be for the sake of keeping these ones “holy and pure”, free from the corrupting influence and pressure of immorality from the opposite sex.

Mixed school

On the flip side though, do not young people need to interact with themselves irrespective of their gender to help them understand each other better?
Some say that the love letters they wrote, they received, and the pranks they played on the opposite sex when growing up, helped shape their life when growing up.
But there is the challenge of gay practice many believe is prevalent in single-sex schools. Due to hormones flying high, many young ones simply experiment with homosexuality without an understanding of who they are.
Do you think single-sex schools encourage self-control instead?

So to you which would you pick, a single-sex school or a mixed? Which did you attend when growing up? Was it helpful in preparing you to face the real world outside high school?

Women And Sexual Objectification: A Thing Or Not?

Women And Sexual Objectification: A Thing Or Not?

In the world we live in, women are no longer seen as what they should be seen as; whole entities.
Rather, they are thought to be limited and should be relegated to being homemakers, mothers, caretakers. The list goes on and on.
The female gender has become a source of objectification.
Don’t say I’m wrong, because it has become so accepted, that it is a norm. Men don’t even realize that they do this.
The grin on their faces when they see ladies twerk?
The excitement when their favorite artiste throws bills at the vixen grinding him and strutting all over the place?
The catcalls when a lady walks by?
These expressions say something, if not everything.
The degrees you bagged, the brains for the job?
No, those don’t matter to many, as long as there’s the sex appeal.

Does sexual objectification affect women?
Anxiety, depression; a diminished sense of self, confidence, self-esteem and a host of things no one cares about, are as a result of objectification.

The next time you see a young lady, woman, female child, ask yourself if you see her as a sexual object.

The way you treat her says a lot about you.

Women are people, too. They shouldn’t be judged by looks, but respected.

Amazingly, not everyone believes women are objectified. They may argue that it’s admiration.
In fact, others believe that women act, talk and dress the way we do to get attention.
But, let us know what you think.

Are women sexually objectified?
Do you think women like the attention of being ogled?
What’s your idea of treating women?
What’s the line between admiration and objectification?

Can You Be In A Relationship And Keep A Best Friend?

Can You Be In A Relationship And Keep A Best Friend?

“I have a best friend and a boy/girlfriend, and everyone is cool.”

A round of applause, if this is you because you officially have things figured out.
Those that root for this say it is very possible to have a best friend and be in a boy/girlfriend relationship with another.
Many of us don’t agree with this setting, especially when the “bestie” is the opposite sex, for obvious reasons – feud and emotional cheating.
After all, if there are boundaries, there is no cause for alarm, right?
Well, you, the best friend and your partner are in a better position to answer that.
The problem is, emotional cheating can set in, without you realizing it, because you keep talking to the bestie about sensitive issues. That’s entangling yourself in a web.
The most likely thing to happen is that one party catches feelings. And unfortunately, in a bid not to ruin the friendship s/he has to hold back their feelings.

Someone said, ” An Igbo saying says, ‘you can’t keep a hen as a pet and expect not to eat it.’”
This illustration does justice to our point of view, but what do you think?
Will you be ok with this situation?
Can you sleep at night?
Have you seen relationships where the best friend and girlfriend are good friends?
Can your partner not be your best friend?
Is this a deal breaker?

Stop your comments in the comments section.