Exams! How the thought of it sends hearts racing.
At the beginning of the year, Singapore abolished writing of exams for children in primary years 1 and 2, while older students would enjoy learning in a less competitive environment.
For many, examinations are times of distress, headaches, and stress coupled with anxiety. For some, exams are just like everyday occurrences, no big deal.
The results of exams can be very surprising.

People who perform well in class activities throughout the term or semester may end up with poor grades.
Some others who may not have performed so well during the semester or term may come out in flying colors?
What could be responsible for such results?
For one thing, not everyone performs well under stress and some other people only cram books into their heads for the purpose of examinations and soon after forget all that was memorized.
The minister of education in Singapore stated that the reason for the decision mentioned at the outset is that “learning is not a competition”.
With this supposition, can we then conclude that examinations are a true test of knowledge?

If they are not, how then can students be best evaluated?
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