Voices in my head.
What does that even mean?
There he is once again.
Look! he just walked in through the front door
Tell me you see him now.
I said I am well, look!
He’s there holding a dagger and bloodstained daisies.
Look! He is there. Caramel-skinned boy with black shorts,
Tears dripping from his cheeks onto his bare chest.
He is walking towards us. Stay back! he’s trying to talk to me.
Leave me alone he wants to reach for my hands. Leave me alone.
I want to take hold of his hands. He is the twin brother I never knew I had.
He is bleeding from one side of his head.
Help! it seems he has a bloody gash on the back of his head.
Where did he go? Don’t go away. I want to get up and help you.
Mum will go bring bandages. Mom, where are you?
Where is everybody? Mum, I am scared. Help me please, help him.
Where are you, brother? Where are you? There you are! Why do you look so sad? Where are your flowers?
What did you do with your dagger? Where is the blood on it from? Did you kill mom?
I can’t breathe. Stop! You are choking me. Doctor! Doctor! But you were just here doctor.
It is dark in here. I thought it was afternoon a minute ago.
Why is the room suddenly so bright again? You are blinding me, put it out.
Brother, They said I am in a hospital. They said I killed mom and doctor.
I told them I know who but they said I am insane. This is our little secret brother. Our secret.
They said I tried killing myself but I told them that we had our usual playtime where we stop our breathe and swallow syringe needles.
They sent me to a special room with lights.They said I have no brother. They said I am the only child.
They said I killed mom and doctor yesterday, and dad 2 years ago. Liars!
I know who did but I won’t tell.
They said I have schizophrenia. Thank God you are here!
Tell them who you are. Tell them you are real.
I want this suffering to stop. I hate lights, but I am afraid of the dark.
I want to go home. Tell them.

El_ Says