Women! One of life’s many complexities.
Understanding a woman has never been an easy task especially if there is an emotional attachment involved.
Some women are what we refer to as “damsels in distress” while others are independent and free-spirited.

A damsel in distress would rather sit still and be broke while looking beautiful than getting stressed up making money.

An independent woman, on the other hand, doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty just to make sure that she takes care of her needs without a man’s support.
Some men would feel more comfortable with a damsel in distress or needy females because they feel wanted and needed in such a company and makes them feel in charge.
Other men would choose an independent woman that can care for herself without seeking assistance.
Different strokes for different folks.
But what would you prefer? A needy and clingy companion or not?
Females, which of these personalities do you fit into?

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