Ladies and gentlemen, there are crimes and there are crimes! There are crimes I have watched on my favorite crime and investigation channel which shook me till date. Still, there are worst crimes out there which has not been solved and which no one is strong enough to talk about.

In many parts of the world, capital punishment (death penalty) has been abolished. Still, many countries grant the death penalty to perpetrators of some gross inhumane offenses. Like me, Many people are against the death penalty. Why?

Gallows(death penalty)

Many reason that since two wrongs don’t make a right, killing people who kill people isn’t teaching any lesson. It only shows that it is okay to reciprocate with something worse or similar when wronged. They claim that gross wrongdoers no matter how hardhearted should be forgiven although with the punishment of a sentence which could help the individual change his or her life course. “Does not everyone deserve a second chance?” they reason. But come to think of it. If someone can go as far as killing another person due to anger, jealousy or pleasure, does that not show that all is not well in the head? I feel such individuals deserve to see a therapist and not a lethal injection. So to cut the story short, I feel that no human has the right to decide who lives or who dies.

The other side of the coin has boldly written on it, “an eye for an eye”. Many people reason that if someone cold-heartedly decided to take the life of another person for no reason, then that person deserves the same treatment. Keeping someone locked up in prison and feeding him or her daily for the rest of their life doesn’t teach them a lesson or serve as a deterrence to future criminals. Instead, it could motivate many people to consider taking this route to a good life too. Taking care of prisons which holds such prisoners are expensive and the money could be channeled to more productive things if they receive capital punishment.
But has the death penalty stopped the crimes in countries where it is still carried out? The answer is no.

Electric Chair(death penalty)

So which side do you take? Do you say yes to capital punishment or no? Drop your comments below.