No one prays to encounter any disturbing situation in life where s/he is made to choose between separation or divorce. But then, life is not a bed of roses. When push comes to shove, what happens?

Religiously, the bible mentions divorce a few times. That, it is accepted only on the basis of extramarital affairs.
What if the situation involved verbal or domestic abuse? What does the bible say?
As a Christian, do you face it head-on, remain in such abuse, hope for a change?
Or, do you say, “Enough is enough. I’m calling this marriage off before s/he kills me, and my kids miss me.”

Separation involves living in different homes from your spouse. It can be informal or legal. In some countries, it can be a formal end to the marriage.
On the other hand, Divorce is a legal dissolution of the marriage. It brings finality to it.

While considering which to go for in a dilemma, separation can be a good option, if there is a chance for reconciliation or restoration of the marriage. It can give time to think up and finalise decisions to end things or get back together. It is also an option, if the spouses have religious aversion to divorce.
Divorce can be considered, to rid off toxicity. This is when it is obvious that there is no redemption for the abusive spouse any time in the future. It can be a chance to start off after a failed marriage. It ends tension, and is a chance at happiness again.

Having said these, it’s not a one size fitsall situation.
What is your take?
When can separation or divorce be considered?
Should divorce be viable only on the basis of adultery?
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