Prenuptial agreement : An agreement between intending couples on how property should be shared in the event of divorce or death. This agreement states who gets what and under what circumstances.
Prenups have gained grounds in many countries and have also been the center of many debates.

There are those who feel a prenup is an indication of material gain especially on the part of the partner who stands to gain more.
Its also believed that having “an agreement filled with terms and conditions” shows that the marriage isn’t built on love and trust.

On the flip side though, prenups have saved lots of people from messy and lengthy divorce proceedings.
Those in support if it reason that life happens, and it is not always going to be rosy in marriage, so why lose a partner and loose materially too?

Do you think that a prenuptial agreement is important in a marriage? Can we say that the pros far outweigh the cons? Drop your comments below