I love this song that goes like “I’m a classic man…”

My friends know that Raphael is a double-breasted Suit guy.

Emmanuel always looks good in a three-piece suit with a striped double-breasted waistcoat. This guy loves to look good.

I love to see Caleb on his three-piece suit with that ash stripped waist coast or the navy blue. The good looking lawyers that I know.

We went to this wedding, and my friend Mark wore a white suit with a white waistcoat. He looked amazing like he was walking on stars all day.

Above all, I droll whenever I watch the Kingsman Secret Service, and I see all those beautiful double-breasted suits with such amazing colors. Those English men looked handsome I must say.

I am Stuck between what I wear and what I truly love to see. Maybe you all can help me.

If it is any consolation to me, I realized that the choice of which fits better (a double-breasted suit and a three-piece suit), has been an ongoing debate for many years. Many men who love to look good, men who want to select the best outfit for a dinner, or men who want to select the best outfit for their wedding, often are confused on which to choose.

If you do not know what a double breast suit or a three-piece suit is, well let’s make it simple for you to understand.A double-breasted suit as the name implies involves simply wearing an English suit, which covers both sides of the chest, well decorated with numerous buttons(traditionally six buttons). On the other hand, a three-piece suit is a combination of a jacket, and a waistcoat most times of the same material.

Now that we know what these suits are called, if you do not know already like this petite lady by my side, let us sample your opinion. Which do you think looks more classy on a man?

I love a double-breasted suit just because I feel it is classy. But I know you may have reasons for your own choice. Please drop your comments in the comment section. If you are a lady, which one do you love the most? Which would you love to see him walk down the aisle with you on?