With the evolution of time, science has achieved modification of birth control/contraception. In this light, a more recent study presented with the possibility of contraceptive pills for men.

The contraceptive pills for women, developed more than half a century ago, has been the norm for preventing unplanned pregnancies, other than condoms, implants, injectables, amongst others. So, it is indeed a welcome development. Or, is it?
The results from the survey “seemed to be safe”. And of course, resistance to the pill has been put up by men. Not because it is not some form of breakthrough, but that it is “uncomfortable” – that is, the thought of coming down with complications post-drug use.

Bearing in mind that these pills have good potential for contraception, the perceived benefits could alter sexual dynamics between partners.
The development of the pill for men could decrease the contraception burden on females. This way, no one has to be blamed for not following through with their pills.
More informed choices and options for contraception could be made.
Also, there would be a reduction in the rate of failure of contraceptives.
Overall, providing pills for men would provide a balanced view of birth control since both parties can actively be involved in contraception.
The acceptance of contraceptive pills for men is not devoid of challenges. Having to shift the norm (from the pills for women) would involve frequent orientation programs to educate the public on how the pills work.

To allay the fears that side effects of the pill for men pose, further studies are being carried out to ensure safety and effectiveness, before their release into the market.

This leaves us with questions like, are contraceptive pills for men really welcome?
What do you think?
Should contraception be a lady’s burden?
Will you adopt this method of birth control? If no, why?