Boys high/Girls high school, girls college/Boys college.

Such terms are not unpopular in many parts of the world. As the above terms imply, such schools only admit teenagers or young adults of a particular sex(all males or all females).
But why such an arrangement?

Single-sex school

For one thing, people say that young ones are at a stage where they are still coming to terms with themselves. They suggest that the decisions of young ones are best made within the confines of those of the same sex who can relate with their sensibilities and experiences.
Another reason could be for the sake of keeping these ones “holy and pure”, free from the corrupting influence and pressure of immorality from the opposite sex.

Mixed school

On the flip side though, do not young people need to interact with themselves irrespective of their gender to help them understand each other better?
Some say that the love letters they wrote, they received, and the pranks they played on the opposite sex when growing up, helped shape their life when growing up.
But there is the challenge of gay practice many believe is prevalent in single-sex schools. Due to hormones flying high, many young ones simply experiment with homosexuality without an understanding of who they are.
Do you think single-sex schools encourage self-control instead?

So to you which would you pick, a single-sex school or a mixed? Which did you attend when growing up? Was it helpful in preparing you to face the real world outside high school?