In the world we live in, women are no longer seen as what they should be seen as; whole entities.
Rather, they are thought to be limited and should be relegated to being homemakers, mothers, caretakers. The list goes on and on.
The female gender has become a source of objectification.
Don’t say I’m wrong, because it has become so accepted, that it is a norm. Men don’t even realize that they do this.
The grin on their faces when they see ladies twerk?
The excitement when their favorite artiste throws bills at the vixen grinding him and strutting all over the place?
The catcalls when a lady walks by?
These expressions say something, if not everything.
The degrees you bagged, the brains for the job?
No, those don’t matter to many, as long as there’s the sex appeal.

Does sexual objectification affect women?
Anxiety, depression; a diminished sense of self, confidence, self-esteem and a host of things no one cares about, are as a result of objectification.

The next time you see a young lady, woman, female child, ask yourself if you see her as a sexual object.

The way you treat her says a lot about you.

Women are people, too. They shouldn’t be judged by looks, but respected.

Amazingly, not everyone believes women are objectified. They may argue that it’s admiration.
In fact, others believe that women act, talk and dress the way we do to get attention.
But, let us know what you think.

Are women sexually objectified?
Do you think women like the attention of being ogled?
What’s your idea of treating women?
What’s the line between admiration and objectification?