She sat at her little table nipping on her last stale bread, reminiscing about her childhood. Oh, how she loved wearing mummy’s jewelry, applying to make up in ways that had not been invented, she desperately longed for adulthood. She had so many wild fantasies about college. She couldn’t wait to fall in love, she couldn’t wait to leave the nest of her extremely strict parents.

The buzz of her phone brought her back to reality, her last dollar had been deducted from her account, all her unpaid bills stared her in the face, a little to the left was the wedding invitation Michael had sent. The love of her life who she eloped with at seventeen was marrying her best friend, she still couldn’t believe it was really happening. She wanted to call her mom, but mom had told her never to call and come back after she ran away from home, dad passed away a few years later, and mom blamed her for his death to this day. *meow* the cat purred, he looked beyond starved, she could barely feed herself so the cat could go to hell she said out loud.

She headed for the bathroom, *clank* the metal bucket made spilling the water it had collected from the leaking roof, she hissed and continued to the bathroom. What are you doing!! she screamed at the guy cutting off her water supply, pay your freaking bills!! he screamed back, “which kain life be dis,” she said out loud, laughing at the Nigerian in her. Her phone buzzed again reminding her of her 4oclock appointment with her therapist, she tossed it aside, and like it read her mind it buzzed again.
“Maggie, I know you’re probably thinking of skipping today’s appointment, please don’t, if you’re not here in thirty minutes I’m coming over”. Miss Adams her therapist texted.
“I’ll be there”. She texted back.
She threw on her clothes picked up a wretched looking dollar bill and left. It felt like everyone could see how broken she was, because they kept staring, she wanted to break into a run, but she was too tired and hungry for that, so she continued walking, she walked past the meadow, it used to be her and Michael’s favorite restaurant, but now it just held heart-wrenching memories.
She laughed at a group of drunk bridesmaid flirting with the barista, these days she barely had any reason to laugh, her pillow had soaked in so many tears, it was hard to believe they all came from one person. She was so lost in thoughts she did not realize she had walked into the ever busy highway. Her earphones blocked out all the screams of lookout!!!. Bang!!, her head collided with the cold hard floor, she tasted the blood gushing out of her nostrils, even her blood tasted sad she thought, a sudden wave of peace and immense tranquility crept in, with a weak smile on her face she muttered, thank you.