“I have a best friend and a boy/girlfriend, and everyone is cool.”

A round of applause, if this is you because you officially have things figured out.
Those that root for this say it is very possible to have a best friend and be in a boy/girlfriend relationship with another.
Many of us don’t agree with this setting, especially when the “bestie” is the opposite sex, for obvious reasons – feud and emotional cheating.
After all, if there are boundaries, there is no cause for alarm, right?
Well, you, the best friend and your partner are in a better position to answer that.
The problem is, emotional cheating can set in, without you realizing it, because you keep talking to the bestie about sensitive issues. That’s entangling yourself in a web.
The most likely thing to happen is that one party catches feelings. And unfortunately, in a bid not to ruin the friendship s/he has to hold back their feelings.

Someone said, ” An Igbo saying says, ‘you can’t keep a hen as a pet and expect not to eat it.’”
This illustration does justice to our point of view, but what do you think?
Will you be ok with this situation?
Can you sleep at night?
Have you seen relationships where the best friend and girlfriend are good friends?
Can your partner not be your best friend?
Is this a deal breaker?

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