“Leaders are made not born”

“ Growing up I mixed with the wrong crowd. I gradually began abusing alcohol, drugs, and eventually, I did a few years in prison. Breaking free from my habits was a difficult task” -Betty

“I was born with a hearing problem. I lost two siblings who were born after me. Growing up, I joined a gang, and I almost lost my life. I failed in school many times because I never studied. I was never able to get a college degree. My mom died suddenly, and my dad went into a coma a few weeks later. I had to take him off life support eventually. I got married, and I have a 5-year-old kid. I eventually got divorced, and immediately after that, my child and her mother disappeared. I am currently married, but all my decisions in life leave me depressed. If all I went through in life was predestined, a master plan of God, then I never want to have anything to do with him” -Sam

When I look at the experiences of these people, it strengthens my conviction that our lives, actions, mistakes, what we become in life, when we die, our decisions and failures are not predestined by God. If our lives follow a set of already designed programs, then does it not annul the fact that we were created with free will?

Free will means that we have the ability to make our own choices and decisions. It means that our failures, successes, and actions are based entirely on the decisions we make. Free will means that to become a leader, one could start cultivating qualities which are required to be fit for that position. Free will shows that God does not decide who would be a thief, who would be a serial killer, who would die in a plane crash, and who would live an entirely awesome life. Free will means that all our decisions can shape our lives for good or for bad. Free will means that out of a multitude of options, an individual may decide not to go to college, but take part in extreme sports and eventually die in action.
The definition of destiny to me paints cruelty on the part of a creator.I am talking about doom, fate, programmed, and lot in life.

Still, many religious people hold on to a popular saying; “God gives and God takes”. Does that not point to destiny? Many believe that since God can foretell the future from the beginning, then this is a solid reason to believe in destiny. But does foretelling the future have anything to do with shaping your life and decisions?

This was a great discussion I had with some friends today, and I decided to share my stand. But what do you believe? Do you feel that your life is a product of a well-designed master plan by God(destiny)? If you do not support destiny, I would like to see reasons for your beliefs too.