Hair plays an important role in the lives of people of all races. It is a symbolic and very important part of our identity. There’s an old saying that goes like “our hair is our crown and glory. That’s why hair companies make billions on hair products, most of them doing even more damage than good.

The trend of going natural has been embraced more than ever now. Everyone seems to have a better understanding of the importance of getting rid of the chemicals and going back to our roots.

No doubt, styling an already relaxed hair is easier, but the benefits of going natural are immeasurable. some of these benefits are:

* Less breakage because our hair protein has not been washed away by chemicals.

* Hair is stronger and can withstand almost anything without being necessarily affected, e.g. Hair dye, hot combing, etc.

These are only just a few. Over the years black women all over the world are more self-accepting of the opportunity to embrace their natural roots. So away with the multi-billion hair relaxers companies, away with the constant breakage, let’s be done with the flat lifeless hair and learn to be proud of our full, curly, natural hair.

So guys, Natural hair vs relaxed hair what do you all prefer?