I once overheard a playful argument between two friends. One of them said: “you are just taking an addictive drug in the form of ice cream”. The other said in reply: “it is better off than your plain old milk”. It is true though, caffeine is naturally found in cocoa beans. Hence, every chocolate has at least, a little amount of it.

Some say that they love vanilla for its simplicity, less caffeine, and the little amount of sugar it contains. I would choose vanilla any time any day because it is much more wonderful and appetizing especially with some toppings.

Others say that they love chocolate ice cream because to them, it is much sweeter. But when it comes to versatility many would not go for chocolate because it doesn’t have the best taste with toppings. These chocolate lovers have made vanilla a popular slang term meaning “plain” or “boring”.

But which would you choose between a plain vanilla ice cream and a plain chocolate ice cream? Why does vanilla seem boring to some people? What is that thing with chocolate that tends to make most people fall head over heels for it?