This question is a major topic in many debates today. C&C would not be complete if we do not sample people’s opinion on this matter.


Some people say that it is totally wrong to take the life of an unborn child. Most times for the abortion to happen, the baby needs to be 10 weeks and at this stage, the baby already has a heartbeat. So what do they suggest? Many suggest that if you do not want it or you are not ready to handle a child, you can give it up for adoption. Some may say that it is more of a challenge if the woman was raped and then she got pregnant. The truth is that there is nothing illegal about giving up a child you don’t want it.


Apart from financial problems and impacts on some relationships, some people may also point out to threat on the mother’s life or an expected health problem for the fetus as a reason for abortion legalization. They say that abortion should not be illegal as room should be made to save the mother’s life or prevent a fetus’ suffering. So if we choose a strict no abortion rule, women would die. The knowledge of this should make people not even clamor for disallowing abortion.

The current challenge

Another problem is that in countries where abortion is illegal, there are even higher cases of abortions taking place. In such countries, hidden abortion black-markets can be found. The problem is that these abortions are done under unhealthy conditions which contravenes WHO standards. This is currently one of the major causes of the ever increasing maternal deaths which can be reduced by abortion legalization.

For me though it is a strong No. But I am not a lady. I am not going to be in a situation where to save my life, I have to abort a growing fetus. I can only imagine.

So people what side do you take? Yes or no? What can be done about the current challenge? Send in your comments. Your opinions matter.