In recent times, this is a hot topic especially among people with eye defects.
Some say that eyeglasses are cheaper, lasts longer, and is easy to wear and take off.

Others say that contact lenses are more comfortable, doesn’t clash with your outfit and doesn’t get in your way when you engage in activities like sports and exercise.Still, Some others choose the lens side because they say that it is difficult to get a perfect frame which provides comfort, does not touch your lashes and does not slip off your nose.

I stand for medicated glasses though. I mean, on this side of the country, the first impression some people get when they meet someone on glasses for the first time is that he or she must be intelligent. But when they see someone on contact lenses for the first time, they say “Haaa… Fashionista! Slay Queen!”. No doubt this way of reasoning is faulty.

So what do u think? Glasses? contact lenses? If you have an eye defect which would you prefer?
What is your first impression about someone with Medicated glasses or Medicated contact lenses?