What color attracts you the most? Melanin popping ebony or light skin? Many will go with the second option as they feel that light skinned girls or guys are more appealing. To the indecisive, they run to the popular saying “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” for comfort. They tell you that no matter the color of your partner, the heart and mind matters. I always say “well friend I know that. But before you discover the heart, which is appealing or attractive at first glance?”

For some, especially the light-skinned ones, they boldly conclude that they prefer melanin as they feel that any little contact with someone of their skin color could produce nothing less than an Albino.
For those guys who are really dark, they feel that they really need to add some “colored nutrients” to their children which is why they most times prefer to go for light skinned ladies. The truth be told, melanin can be really beautiful. Deep down I really get attracted to people who are … skinned.

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