A great man once said “…”
Notice how your interest was piqued because I started “a great man once said”?
I put quite a bit of thought into the meaning of greatness, what exactly qualifies as greatness?
Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Nelson Mandela, Marie Curie, Grace Hopper & a host of others were all great people.
A study of their lives has given a certain insight into the open secret of their greatness.
A single word drove these mortals to be identified by other mortals as having been great, PASSION.
Passion for life, passion for their jobs, and a general desire to contribute to the earth.
Even in their failures they retained their passion, actually it may have burned brighter.
So live your life passionately, let the desire to make today better than yesterday eat your marrows.
Do only the things that you love. If you find yourself involved in necessary but “unloved” activities, let your passion burn so hot that such activities become your trademark.
Last but not the least, rest. Your passion dies with you, people may remember you but you still dead.
A reminder to everyone, never let your passion become an obsession
If it is unfavourable to your health, it is an obsession.
So, at the end of the day we are all greats if only we can live freely and passionately.
Who knows, maybe one day you’ll say something that would help me or others finally complete “a first line”.

christian mba