People have preconceived notions of you the moment you identify as a feminist.

Many miscontrue the controversial subjects, feminism and humanism, such that other terms now identify birthed movements. For example: equalism, neo-feminism, etc.
Feminism refers to fighting for the equality of genders, with emphasis on women: underprivileged and deprived of their rights.

Humanism refers to fighting for the rights of humans. It values the dignity of humans, fights for justice, and against discrimination. This cause supports equality.
Why not call yourself a humanist, you may want to ask?
Feminism highlights the major problem of women being underprivileged in the real world – that women deserve the same opportunities as men, the need for a more proportioned scale; a leveled playing field. If anything, it relieves the societal burden off of men – not emasculating them.
Shouldn’t you then, be a feminist?
Humanism demands that every person, male or female, black or white, has a right to fair and equal treatment. That skin colour or gender should not obstruct what they actually deserve.
While feminism is a subset of humanism and focuses on women; the other, focuses on humans from all walks of life.
One thing is clear – they are both concerned with human rights movement and are open to all, so that it is not about gender, but equality.
Do note that while you don’t support a cause, don’t downplay any.

Let’s discuss:
What’s your take? Are you a humanist or feminist?
When you meet a feminist what comes to mind? Angry bird? Misandrist?
The name or the cause, which should matter when choosing what to identify with?
Should we downplay feminism knowing extremists abound?