I saw a woman give her son a serious beating with a cane and everyone was sympathizing with the child. When I asked the woman what made her go all hell and high waters on the child, she replied that he doesn’t ever listen to sound reasoning. She continued that this act of beating would remove that demon that is making him misbehave. She said that some weeks back a child died playing on the street. After pleading with her son to avoid the busy street, he repeated the same mistake twice. She added that growing up, she learned never to repeat mistakes because she knew the trashing that would be meted out.

We currently live in a generation that makes parents look like animals if they raise the voice, the hand or the cane on their children. The woman earlier mentioned said that in her experience, it is because of the decrease in corporal punishment that children grow up with a lot of vices, have no respect for their parents and have poor morals.
Is punishment by parents on their children outdated? Can a child be raised right without the need for the rod? Do you not agree that certain situations call for giving a child some strokes?

Drop your comments below. It could go a long way.