So, this topic has been an issue for a very long time now. The argument has been that Fried Rice is better served at occasions than Jollof Rice. Many people feel that this is so because Fried Rice is sweeter than Jollof Rice. I choose the Fried Rice side because I feel that it is more colorful when compared to jolloff rice which has the same conventional yellow color. When it concerns food, I feel that colors go a long way in determining how appetizing it looks.

Looks or tasty?

Usually, fried rice comes with lots of vegetables which makes it more nutritious unlike the regular jollof rice served at occasions.
Someone once said “everyone will be shouting Jollof Rice, Jollof Rice, but when you go to occasions, fried rice is the first to finish. Did the Angel’s eat it?”. And that cracked me up.
So what’s your opinion? Do you think fried rice will be better served at occasions than Jollof rice?