What makes a man complete? Truthfully, for many, nothing more than his collection of wristwatches. “Real men” know the importance of wristwatches as it makes their outfit more complete.

Giving a close look at the bracelet, many women love wearing a bracelet. I know many guys who love bracelets too.
Still, it cannot ever be compared to a wristwatch. I am on my heels before soe people send me to the stake. Now let me draw some blood.
• A man can wear a watch and so can a woman, but a woman can wear a bracelet and men cannot or should not. Yes or no?
• A man on a suit, or English wear, is never complete without a wrist watch but a woman may choose to look gorgeous and still ignore the fact that she needs a bracelet. Do you agree?
• Getting your dad, husband or boyfriend a nice wristwatch demonstrates how much you cherish them. On the other hand, getting your wife, mother or girlfriend a bracelet is more than enough to spoil their day if they prefer necklaces, heels, hairs extensions, and even beautiful watches. I hope you like me for this point.

The truth is, wristwatches cannot be compared to a bracelet as watches are generally more preferable. Do you agree?

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