Her body mass accurately calculated
Her posture perfectly positioned
Her smile carries an aura that can not be ignored
Her movement is like strings of a guitar that is carefully struck.

In the middle of a conversation,
She walks past, you get divided attention.
Men of timber and caliber are mentally crippled upon her sight
Women suffer from the feeling of inferior complexity when in her presence.
She is a perfect woman.

Her utterances are like that of a baby sheep and her voice like that of an angel that has known no sin.
She has no fears, even an act to provoke her anger proves futile.
That’s a perfect woman.

She stands out even when she is putting on rags.
She is exceptional even when she is in the mix and toppled by other women.
You can’t take it away from her because it’s her nature.
She doesn’t try because it is her.

A perfect woman she is indeed.
Every man will do anything to have her.
But the irony of all this is, *SHE IS JUST AN ILLUSION*