What is the next thing after exchanging phone numbers with a random person? To chat or text?
Chatting is an easy way of communicating and can be more fun when both parties (depending on who, too) are on their phones to respond to texts as quickly as they come in.

Online courses, webinars, interviews can now be easily conducted; and information passed via chats saves the time it takes to make a call. This also keeps you accountable.
Acronyms and abbreviations are so common these days that it is hard to keep up. Lazy texting is another thing with people…

Av u eatn? Op u r fyn.

If you can still decipher these codes without a headache, well done.
A con to this, however, is the inability for some to set the tone of the conversation. How is anybody supposed to understand that you are not crying emoji-ly, but truly, when that is in fact, your go-to emoji?

Chats with friends can be breezy, but those to employers, concise. That way, it is not overdone.
Misinterpretation is almost unavoidable when punctuations are absent in a chat due to ambiguity.
Talking, on the other hand, requires communication. It is safe to say the majority of Nigerians listen to reply; not to understand.

Hang on na, lemme land my point.
Is that familiar?

As much as talking allows you to express yourself freely by way of inflections, facial expressions, and gestures, it can quickly become tedious, if the other party does not know when to stop.

Talking can be pleasant and engaging, meaningful and interesting, be it a casual conversation or a lecture; if proper attention is given to it.
While A may prefer to take calls, B may opt for chats. Either way, the goal is to ensure that you are being understood (because it is a continuous process).
So, what works for you? Will you rather chat people up or call them?