I can feel it stuffed inside of me
I don’t want anyone near me
I shouldn’t let anyone see the real me
Let alone anyone hugging me

I can feel it holding and pressing me down
Like I am about to drown
My face always masked with a frown
I can’t beat it, even to the ground.

I can feel it eating me up
Like someone taking away my bulb
Alone, confined to a teacup
Can someone please take away this cuff?

Why does this feeling hurt this much?
Same feeling as sitting on a nail infested couch
Scrubbing one’s body with an iron brush
I don’t feel better even after visiting a church.

Is this feeling pain?
Or I’m I just going insane?
Are my efforts in vain?
Because I don’t feel the same.

I wonder how life would have been without this feeling
Would it be worse or would it be just chilling?
Would the feeling be just a mere saying?
Oh, first, let me focus on surviving.

I wish I could walk for a day and night
without the feeling of pain in sight.

Walk until I find myself a desolate place
A place where I will behold no face.

But now I care little about the path I take
Not for me but for heaven’s sake
For whatever I do, will me, mar or make.

I am #PRESH…