We live in an age where having money has become more important than being trustworthy. Many ladies have remained for years, in a relationship with a man who cheats just because he is wealthy. Some even use expressions like “no one wants to suffer”. It seems ladies would go for any rich man and damn the consequences than stay with a “broke” guy who is ready to remain faithful to them.

“A dollar or less a day”?


This begs a very important question. Do you prefer a relationship with a man who cheats but is wealthy over a faithful man who isn’t rich? Would you marry a promiscuous man because he is rich or would you stay with someone who doesn’t have much but is faithful? Ladies, let me know which you prefer and why.
And guys, you aren’t left out either. Would you prefer to be an unfaithful wealthy man or a broke guy who is completely faithful to his significant other and why?