Hey guys, there are lots and lots of differing opinions about this topic. And I want your opinions as well. The topic is, who cheats more in a relationship? Is it the man or the woman? I’ll share some of the answers I got from some friends pertaining to this question with you.

Kevin was the first. He said, “In my opinion, I think its the woman because most men don’t get into committed relationships. They are usually open and tell you all they want from you is sex and not a relationship. But a lady will be dating man and still be flirting with his best friend whilst still flirting with their Sugar Daddy”.

Becky was next. She said “The men cheat more because they are never satisfied. But if a lady has all she needs in a relationship, she stays loyal. She would not cheat”.
It did not end there.
Laura was the third and in her opinion, “the female cheats more because the female is softer so she easily gets attached to other people. So if her man is not strong and capable, she gets distracted”.
Raymond and wisdom shared a similar opinion. They said “men are hardly satisfied. A man might love a particular lady but still want to flirt with other ladies. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his woman, but he is just not satisfied. And this is cheating”.
So what’s your opinion? Who cheats more in a relationship? Is it the man or the woman? You could share your experiences with us as well.

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