The Hunger Games, The Harry Potter Series, The Hobbit, The Three Musketeers, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, the list of books which later became movies is quite extensive.

I have read a number of books and have also seen movies which had books as their origin (the above are few of my favorites). I bet a lot of you have been in the same position too. You must have read a book and then eventually seen the movie based on the book or seen the movie before reading the book. Now the big question is, which was better, the book, or the movie?



Some would argue in favor of the book claiming that it paid more attention to detail.
Others would argue in favor of the movies claiming that there are some things that one just cannot vividly imagine without the aid of modern-day motion picture (movies).
Personally, I prefer … (wouldn’t you like to know!!)
How about you?
Movies or the original books, which do you prefer?