Presently known to be free from Asuu and other federal activities, private universities are widely recommended to be the first choice for students applying to write JAMB. Recently, there was an ongoing strike that lasted for 5 months rendering a lot of Nigerians clueless. No doubt this happened because of the political ambition of our politicians. But should such still persist?
On a grander scale, the reason why people prefer federal universities is simply because of the outrageous amount that is said to be paid in private schools. Such an excuse should no longer be considered, as there are more affordable universities where your child can enroll. Private universities have a more conducive learning atmosphere and a better grading system whereby the students need not worry about “sorting”, unlike other federal universities.
If you take pride in your child or children’s future, then start by filling top private universities as their first choice, just in case your child plans on writing jamb.

What do you think? Should private universities be your first choice? Why do you think that Federal universities should be the first choice instead? What would you say about the striking issue? What side are you on?