The sheets on the bed were still well tucked in although we had slept in them for about a week irrespective of the constant change made the help, Anna. I couldn’t help but notice how neatly they were after John slept on his side of the bed. Did he wake up early to dress just that side? I was so skeptical about this thought and couldn’t get a final conclusion.
I rose up with a lot of aching in me. How long are we gonna live together like this? He made the promises of loving me with every fiber of his being and every inch of his melanin skin but how unfortunate. He completely fails to do so.

And now I got up with fire in my eyes

I, on the other hand, crave for love so bad. I could lay all day in bed aching for him but reality struck me. He wasn’t going to notice.
This is an absurd feeling. My heart cries but there’s a dialogue in there. Is it bad to crave for the one you love with everything in you?
Is it obsolete to expect in return what u give?
All these thoughts raced through my mind. I was getting ready for work but I could feel adrenaline rush through me. A strange taste lingers in my mouth and I got irritated at my behavior towards him and anger set in.
I could feel the hurt pierce deep in my heart and I wanted to hurt him so bad as he did me.
In the past, all this Love dwelt between us and we constantly fought with water guns. But this time it dawned on me that the absolute reverse of field guns was next.
And now I got up with fire in my eyes; ready for war or what more could I do?