She wept. Why?

She wept because she knew that she would eventually lose her father to death. She wept more because she was staring directly at another enemy, poverty. For years, her father has been struggling with an illness. This illness caused him immense pains and all the money paid to the hospital produced no results or very minute effects. The pains always came back worse than the first. The pains were uncontrollable for him but his family was hanging on for a cure. They wanted him to suddenly feel better. She left the University because she could no longer survive. Her school fees could no longer be paid. She grew up feeding fine but now food was scarce, meals were rationed. There was no money, they were in serious debt, and the breadwinner was on the doctor’s table from time to time. His illness drained the family so much. The Doctors suggested something called Euthanasia. They said it could relieve him of this pain once and for all, and they could finally move on. But how could they move on knowing that they signed off his death? How about as the saying goes, when there is life there is hope? Should any situation in life require that you agree to let people as it were, take the life of someone you love? Would you do that even though all hope is lost?

when there is life, there is hope”

He could not decide what happens to his life anymore. His situation was critical. His family had the power, the document was on his wife’s lap. But she loves her husband so much. He has done everything to give them the best although that is all gone now. She remembered the smile before he went in the last time. She said to the doctor: “We have nothing but we have him. We would never accept Euthanasia”. All her only daughter weak from starvation could do was to watch and tears flowed uncontrollably from her eyes.
Is Euthanasia the answer?